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Reborn: A Samurai Awakens Announced for PSVR
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      Grab It Magazine is a triple-A, digital video games publication created to the standards met by its founder, Chris Stead, on his previous publications, including Game Informer, Official PlayStation and GamePro magazines. It's presented natively in the digital format, using the medium's strengths to deepen the reader experience and their connection to the games. Grab It Magazine is in itself an entertaining experience, but it also provides opinion, information and a direct channel to point-of-sale on all of the games showcased in each issue.

      Grab It Magazine is an independent magazine, with a team of 20 handpicked staff. We work out of Sydney Australia, but consider ourselves to be an international outlet, welcoming to, and enjoyed by, gamers across the globe. We don't take sides -- gender, religion, age or otherwise. Our readers are looking for new games to discover and enjoy through their technology.

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